Pornhub have been at it again and this time they’ve been collecting a whole bunch of data about what the females in your life have been watching. After this, you might not look at your mum, sister or girlfriend the same again (assuming they watch the naughty stuff, that is).

First things first, the number one searched term by female Pornhub users is ‘Lesbian’. Then comes ‘Threesome’, ‘Squirt’ and ‘black’. And then it starts to get weird.

Check out the top 20 in this graph from Pornhub Insights…


‘Lesbian scissoring’. Yep, apparently girls are into that. Or at least curious. And another curiosity for women watching porn appears to be ‘real celebrity sex tapes’ as it is the search term which has grown the most in the past year.


And now, the categories women go to. Oddly, a year ago the ‘For Women’ category was the fourth most viewed but that has now dropped to 8th place. Women apparently prefer the ‘Lesbian’, ‘Gay’ and ‘Big Dick’ categories.


The most searched porn stars will make you laugh. Top of the list is Kim Kardashian. She’s not even a porn star and she’s still the most searched porn star. Then comes Farrah Abraham, another one of these celebrities who is famous for a sex tape. Then come the big names like Lisa Ann and Mia Khalifa, again, we’d imagine more out of curiosity than sexual appeal.


Interestingly, 28% of porn viewers in the UK are in fact women while the Philippines and Brazil have a whopping 35% female porn viewers.


You’ll be pleased to know, only 4% of porn viewers are aged 65+ and the vast majority are under 34 years old.


There you have it. That’s what adult movies women are watching. It’s probably about as weird as what men watch. But that’s a secret, right?

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