Getting out of bed in the morning is no easy task. When I was a kid, my mom would do all sorts of things to wake me up, like ripping the comforter off my bed, and turning on the lights so I couldn’t get back to sleep. As a last resort, she would PULL me off the bed. As much as I disliked her wake-up practices, as an adult, sometimes I really miss them. More often than not, my mornings consist of hitting the snooze button every ten minutes and then frantically running around to get to work on time. Because I have such a difficult time getting out of bed, something as crazy as this High Voltage Ejector Bed actually seems practical! The bed literally THROWS you out of the bed — after a rude awakening like that, there’s no way I’m climbing back into bed for round two.

Would you ever use a bed like this?

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