While divers Cameron Dietrich and Colin Sutton were out spearfishing for tuna off the coast of Mexico, they noticed something strange with one of the lines—a sea turtle was caught in the ropes! Cameron dove into the water and began working to untangle the ropes that were wrapped around the turtle’s left flipper. Colin followed closely behind with his GoPro camera—allowing us to see the amazing rescue. Once Cameron had successfully removed the ropes, it looked like the turtle was about to swim away. Instead, he circled back to Cameron, and they shared an adorable moment together, almost as if the turtle was saying thank you!

Although I was a bit worried that the turtle’s left flipper didn’t seem to be working, David Godfrey of The Sea Turtle Conservatory told HuffPost Green that the turtle had “limited paralysis in its left flipper. Motion often comes back very quickly, and it was likely not a threat to the turtle.” This is thought to be the reason behind the turtle’s circular motion back to Cameron, but I’d like to believe that in that moment, two different walks of life shared something special.

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