Disney Flashmob Proposal #BestProposalEver

They wanted to capture the pureness of every angle, every smile, every wiped tear, just…everything. With this video, that’s what they did. Or at least tried to. Hope you enjoy this moment just as much as they do. Congratulations Jamin and Val, We love you both. We pray that you two continue to seek God

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12 All Natural Face Scrubs You Can Make At Home

Nothing beats a good face scrub and exfoliation to start your day off right! Sometimes though, the store bought stuff is costly and has unwanted extras. These problems can be avoided by making your own natural scrubs. Here are 12 ideas to keep your face fresh and clean! 1. Coffee Grounds Facial Scrub 2. Baking Soda & Mineral Water 3.

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10 Sensational Facts About Orgasms

  Let’s chat about a little subject that’s dear (or shall I say integral?) to every single human life (…or living thing) on the planet: orgasms. There are a whole lot of myths surrounding both the male and female orgasm so we better spend some time sorting them out. Some hard facts, scientific, hard, facts

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