During these modern days in which we live, the only way to immortalize anything is with photographic proof. Well, that’s not entirely true. I suppose there’s still some value in old-fashioned memories–BUT, when it comes to your wedding day you’re not going to show your friends and future children your “memories”.

Nuh-uh. You’ll want some pretty fantastic photos! Isn’t that what you pay a photographer hundreds of dollars for anyway? It is. And you want the photos to be good and memorable, so before you settle for the typical close-ups of the bouquet and the smooching photos of you and your love, take some tips from these 16 pictures that’ll forever remind you of your perfect day.

1. The second before your partner sees you in all your glory.


via Hoffer Photography|Facebook/Hoffer Photography

2. Very cute and very original. Take the lyrics from your first dance song and overlay with your favorite pic from the moment.

via Etsy/Studiojones1

3. Shoe shot! Because these are (one of) the important things in life.

via flickr/Abby Rohde

4. Make sure to capture your grandparents jiving up and down the dance floor to remind yourself that even at 80, you can still get down.

via Here Comes The Guide|Secrest Weddings

5. That moment when the groom first sees the bride.

via Homemade Bride|Feather And Stone Photography

6. And while you’re at it, why not get the bridesmaids’ expressions too?

via Katelyn James|Facebook/Katelyn James

7. Mirror pictures are so meta and so fantastic.

via IZO Photography|Facebook/IZO Photography

8. You may be marrying your true love but your MOH was likely there for the whole ride, too. You’ll want to make sure you capture a special moment with your special friend.

via Katelyn James|Facebook/Katelyn James 

9. A frame within a frame.

via Bridal Guide

10. And if you know you’re the person to shove cake in your partner’s face then make sure someone gets it.

via Seth Christie

11. Romance is definitely what you want the photos to convey and silhouettes scream it.

via Elegant Wedding Invites

12. Get a unique and creative ring picture by placing the rings on a newspaper from the day of the wedding.

via Ashley Bartoletti Photography|Facebook/Ashley Bartoletti

13. Kids are always doing the cutest things so make sure to capture those moments.

via JC Ruiz Photography|Facebook/JC Ruiz

14. Get a candid photo of you and emotional daddy right before he walks you down the aisle.

via Jeff Kolodny Photography|Facebook/Jeff Kolodny Photography

15. And when the T-Rex comes, you’ll definitely want to remember that with photographic proof.

via Say Belle Photography

16. If the bride’s got a veil like this, then make sure the camera is at the ready for any gust of wind that comes.

via tumblr/My Wedding Obsession
Main Image Source: tumblr/My Wedding Obsession
Collage Source: 1. Hoffer Photography|Facebook/Hoffer Photography 2. Homemade Bride|Feather And Stone Photography 3. tumblr/My Wedding Obsession

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