Take a peek through this list of wonderfully girly cocktails to serve on your next girls’ night. “Girly” in this case does not necessarily mean overly sweet, overly pink, or overly lame. It means “kick-ass-drinks-that-WOMEN-like-to sip-while-being-strong-intelligent-people.” They also taste delicious.

1. Blueberry Margita

I think mint is the best summer herb. I want to put it in every drink all summer long.

Recipe here.


2. Kiwi Mango Margarita Splash

Perfect summer cocktail.

3. Watermelon Mint

Again, mint!

Recipe here.


4. Blue Lemonade Cocktail

How great is this color? This one is made with UV Blue Vodka. And lemonade. Done!

Recipe here.


5. Bubblegum Martini

You can buy some fancy glass rimmer in various colors and flavors. And don’t be thrown off by the bubblegum flavor, it’s actually fabulous.

Recipe here.


6. Raspberry Rose Fizz

The egg white in this drink is what gives it the silky smooth texture. I’m excited to try this one. Remember to shake until you can feel your mixture thicken in the shaker in order to get that beautiful foam.

Recipe here.


7. Love in the Sky

What summer cocktail list is complete without lychee?

8. Raspberry Peach Prosecco

A little sparkling wine with your fruit? Don’t mind if I do.

Recipe here.


9. Cucumber Cilantro Margaritas

This is my kind of drink. I’m not always one for the overly sweet—this just seems so refreshing. And healthy? Let’s say it is.

Recipe here.


10. Marshmallow Cake-Tini

Make your own marshmallow-infused vodka as shown in the recipe, or buy the pre-made stuff. How great would those leftover vodka-soaked marshmallows be though?

Recipe here.


11. Raspberry Mojito in a Bottle

For the man or woman on the go!

12. Fruit Tingle

Very sweet, but very beautiful. Just like me.

Recipe here.


13. Strawberry Kiwi Frozen Mojitos

Freeze up some fruit, grab some rum, and make these beauties.

Recipe here.


14. Gummy Bear Party Cups

Gummy bears in a shot? Yes please!

15. Pineapple Cooler

Fresh pineapple makes this drink a summer winner.

Recipe here.


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