They say you should keep your friends close but your enemies closer, but what if your friend and your enemy is the same person? Sometimes it’s a really fine line between the two, especially when they pull a fast one that leaves you wondering if they’re really a friend or a foe. Why is it so amusing to mess with the people we love? Here are 14 times your best friend became your worst enemy.

1. When they mess with you while you’re sleeping.


Sleep may be sacred, but it’s also one of the few times you can tie your friend to the bed.

2. When they use your personal fears against you.

Waking up can be scary, especially after a night out with the boys.

3. When they take the last slice of pizza.


4. When they pull a cruel stunt like this on you.

Let’s be honest though, pulling a prank on a loved one is always more fun.

5. When they push you to do things you don’t want to do.


A true friend will push you to do the things you DO want to do, or better yet, won’t push you at all.

6. When they start hanging out with your other enemies.


Traitor alert! Why would they talk to him when they know how much you hate him?! They’re supposed to be your friend?!

7. When they think your pain is funny.


Sometimes it’s really hard not to laugh but at least have the common courtesy to try and hide it.

8. When they give you a surprise makeover.


He who falls asleep first never gets the last laugh.

9. When they mess with your phone.


There are some things even your best friend shouldn’t see.

10. When they get you in trouble at school or work.


Nobody likes a teacher’s pet anyway.

11. When they tell someone else your deepest, darkest secret.


12. When they mess around with your computer.

…even if it’s worth the laugh.

13. When you’re trying to be serious and they keep trying to make you laugh.


14. …and basically whenever they get a bright idea like this.


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