The personality traits of a quirky girl are sure to make any guy drool for them. And they are definitely a keeper. You just can’t ignore them when they are around and then eventually feel attracted towards them; despite your preferences.

Here’s why sassy girls are best to date…

1. They’re incredibly spontaneous

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Breakfast in bed and random trips to nearby vicinity will become your thing.

2. They’ll surprise you almost always

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Na Na, not just the gifts but also with their wits, humor, visits, talks and a lot.

3. They will introduce you to new things

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They will take you to places from where you’d never want to return.

4. Their conversations are never boring

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Talk to them about anything and everything. Brevity is not their friend.

5. They can light you up in strange ways

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Just a joke between you two or a quick gesture; their ways are strange yet totally mesmerizing.

6. They’ll get along with your friends quickly

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And before you know, your friends would approve of them. \m/

7. They are always up for adventure

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In fact, most of your adventurous plans will come from them. Sassy girls are quick on the uptake.

8. Their bizarre personality traits are super cool

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They will turn heads more often than not, thence prepare yourself for all the flattery.

9. Their company will intimidate you in a good way

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You’ll be stunned to see a different side to their persona almost always.

10. They are very experimentative

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Everyday you’ll learn something different with them. Watch out for creativity in everything around them.

11. They’re extremely confident about themselves

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They are the most confident in their own skin. No wonder, they can pull regular pajamas and a superman t-shirt with such grace.

12. They are incredibly passionate

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They’ll always have a strong viewpoint about things and everything they put themselves into, they give their 100%. They somehow just find a way to get what they want.

13. They find happiness in small things

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So maybe you’d wonder the reason behind their charm, which is indubitably their happiness.

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
― Marilyn Monroe

Have you found your sassy girl yet?

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