Now that the internet occupies an enormous portion of our lives, it’s worth while to really think about all the things it teaches us. I mean really, the internet has infiltrated every crack and crevice of the world, it governs pretty much everything on earth, and could probably raise a child (wait for Honda or Google to make an experiment out of that…).

Therefore, life lessons, we need them, the internet has them, and it has been teaching the world what’s up for quite a few years now soooo let’s check out the highlights.

1. Science doesn’t have to be complicated.


2. It really is a small world after all.


3. You need to keep your brain sharp by asking the big questions. af7e24cc-42b2-459c.jpg

4. Honesty is the best policy.


5. Imagination is key.


6. Recognizing and then clearly describing your feelings is a necessity.


7. Animals are capable of anything humans are…when on the internet (e.g. Fax Cat).


8. Sometimes the mind/body struggle can be violent.


9. Everyday heroes are the real heroes.


10. Don’t be the person who says this because everyone will hate you.


11. Tall people deserve sympathy too.



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